R.I.S.E. is a six bed residential home for persons aged 11 - 18.

The goal of treatment is to help individuals stabilize body weight, develop healthy eating patterns, identify and begin to heal the emotional issues that trigger eating disorder symptoms, and develop the coping skills necessary to prevent relapse.

Provides a safe and unique treatment experience for individuals ready and willing to work on change, and seeking full recovery from their eating disorder. Our well-developed program is available for people from around the world age 11-18, all genders welcome, and is delivered by our professional and experienced care team. Program is unique! Your individualized treatment experience will include: A personalized treatment plan with a supportive, individualized, and collaborative approach. A comfortable homelike environment with pro-recovery emphasis. A balance of support and independence, so you can learn skills that will help you carry your recovery home with you after treatment We understand that finances can be a real challenge with seeking treatment. Contact us to find out about our payment plan option. TranscendED is committed to promoting mindful eating, body acceptance and emotional wellness to individuals around the world!

“recovery” is a continuous process

At TranscendED we understand that eating disorders are complex, often symptoms of deeper, unresolved issues, and often arises to soothe intense emotions.  We understand that responsive care must be compassionate, nuanced and multidimensional.  We embrace that “recovery” is not an end state but a continuous process toward developing a healthy relationship with self so life affirming choices can be made more consistently.  As such, our program is based on the Recovery Model which endorses that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible by addressing the underlying purposes of the disorder, focusing on behavior change by increasing access to skills, gaining peace and acceptance with food and body, developing personal growth thru an increased sense of worthiness and developing value based living.

TranscendED’s Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Program offer clients a structured home-like setting where they can begin to challenge their fears, distortions, and preoccupations with food, weight, and body and set our residentsm on course to developing safer strategies and healthier coping skills. We believe that family involvement is essential. The center provides services for all genders 11 years and older who need more supervision to safely challenge their eating disorder behaviors.

We believe healing can occur in a non-hospital environment and accomplish this by having 24-hour nursing supervision and a multidisciplinary team of eating disorder trained professionals attending to only 6 clients at a time.  The setting allows for us to attend to the individual medical, psychiatric, psychological / emotional, social and educational needs of our clients. This high staff-to-client ratio gives us the ability to identify the intricacies of each individual’s strengths and struggles and therefore individualize treatment planning needs.

Staff supported meal times. One-on-one sessions with our caring and experienced counselors, to help you address the factors that are maintaining the eating disorder. One-on-one sessions with our registered dietitians, to work together to develop nutritional goals, discuss challenges and fears, and learn new information about nutrition for recovered living. Daily therapy groups including nutrition education, mindfulness, yoga, goal setting, interpersonal support, art therapy, exposure therapy, restaurant outings, teaching and discussion on topics such as self esteem, assertiveness, perfectionism, anxiety, body image and exercise. Additional components include spiritual counseling, family counseling sessions, and recommended reading and workbooks.

Our residential offers the following evidence based clinical interventions for up to 12 hours per day

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Experiential Therapies (Music, Art)
  • Equine Assisted Curriculum (EAGALA Certified)
  • Brene Brown Shame Reduction “Connections” Curriculum
  • Body Image
  • Addressing Impact of Social Justice & Spiritual Issues on Recovery
  • Teaching of Positive Recreational and YOGA
  • Community Building & Social Habits

Educational support

We provide the opportunity for students to continue their education while at TranscendED.  Our certified teacher communicates with the student’s school and teachers to establish individualized goals for assignment and coursework completion while in our program. Our teacher and other support staff provides daily support and supervision of schoolwork.