• Recovery Record App - Provides symptom and meal tracking with the option of connecting with your clinicians for increased accountability as well as coping skills and connection to supportive resources.
  • Recovery Warriors Podcast - Started by a woman herself in recovery, biweekly podcasts look at causes of and treatment for eating disorders, as well as media and cultural influences. Recovery Warriors also provides inspirational recovery playlists, blogs, and a free app.
  • Tedx Talk: Eating Disorders From the Inside Out - Dr. Laura Hill discusses the biology of eating disorders and the “noise” that people with EDs hear in their heads. 
  • ‘Over It,’ My Battle With Anorexia- Dave Chawner uses humor to break down the stigma around being a straight male with an eating disorder. 
  • "Understanding EDs" YouTube Playlist- A curated list of videos Transcend Staff recommend for those seeking to understand more about their own or their loved one's eating disorder.
  • Morgan's Story - A family's battle with the disease that took their daughter's life.